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Radio | Parachute Jump Publishing

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Radio Press

Here’s a sample radio list (most recent at the top):

  • The Global Health & Healing Summit 2017- I was a speaker at this online healing summit. (link)
  • Angel Talk Café Radio- I was a guest on this show and spoke about dating and creating love relationships. (link)
  • Dr. Paula Joyce, Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Soul radio Show- I was a guest on her show speaking about how sacred baths can be a tool to relax and improve your mood both as an individual and as a couple. (link)
  • Angel Talk Café with Joy- I pretaped her show on Monday November 21st for an hour. (link)
  • I was on 40 Plus Fitness Podcast with Allan Misner on Friday Sept 16th,2016. It aired Oct 5th. (link)
  • I was on Divine Goddess Radio with host Marie Langlie on Mon Sept 26th . (link)
  • I was a guest on, “The Frank Truatt Morning Show “WTBQ 1110 AM 93.5 FM #1 Orange County Community Radio Station and #1 Drive Time Show on Thursday, September 8th 2016 discussing The Book of Sacred Baths.
  • I was a guest on Pam Oslie’s show at auracolors@auracolors.com for her podcast. (link)
  • I was a guest on Dr. Jane Greer’s show, Let’s Talk Sex Radio show- on HealthyLife.net. It aired live on Tue Oct 25th.
  • Unity Radio- Thu Sept 22. I spoke with Janet Conner on The Soul Directed Life about rest and sacred baths. (link)
  • I was a guest on Cafecito Break podcast, hosted by Roseangel Perez on Mon Sept 12th,2016. See their website for information. (link)
  • I was a guest on TheGoddessDiaries podcast with host Dawn on Sat Sept 17th. (link)
  • I was a guest on Angelic Realms radio with Bridgette Parvin on Sunday Oct 23rd. (link coming soon)
  • I was a guest on radio show, Intuitive Ink with host Servet Hasan on Sunday August 22nd discussing sacred bathing, dating and The Law of Attraction. (link)
  • The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show, hosted by Ryan McCormick on Network: KKRP 1610AM. We taped the show on Thu Aug 25th. (direct link coming soon)
  • The Inspire Me Show’ on an FM station, KPFK, in Los Angeles, hosted by Layla Ashley. I was a guest on her podcast on August 26th talking about sacred bathing. It will release as a podcast on August 26th. (link)
  • Blog talk radio, ‘Freedom for All’ with host Jennifer Wheeler. It aired on Fri Aug 12th. I spoke about sacred bathing. (link)
  • WFUV NPR’s Cityscape -I was on a radio show with host George Bodarsky, interviewed about The Book of Sacred Baths and the process of sacred bathing. It aired on WFUV NPR’s Cityscape, Sunday, August 14th, 2016. (link )
  • The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z on PROGRESSIVE RADIO NETWORK. Join 100,000+ listeners and hear my interview on sacred bathing for an hour. (link)
  • For the Love of Reiki,’- I was a guest with host Paula Vail on the Health and Wellness Channel for a 48 minute interview on Wed July 27nd and will air Oct 25th. (link coming soon)
  • Radio Show with ‘Moments with Marianne’ on Dreamvision 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston. Special guest Dr. Paulette Sherman & Dr. Zelana Montminy on Friday, August 5th & Thursday, August 11th. (link)
  • BCC radio’s Femanna with Lisa Maisel on Mon June 6th. It will air on Sept 4th, 2016. (listen now)
  • I was a guest on the Spiritpreneurers podcast with Abiola Abrams. (link)
  • I was a guest on ‘Conversation with Suzanna’ on World Herald Live, taping July 20th talking about sacred baths. There are two parts or links to the interview: (part 1) and (part 2)
  • I was a guest on Paula Vail’s BBS show, ‘Why Am I So Happy’ for 24 minutes. (listen now)
  • HAPPY HEALTHY YOU podcast: I was a guest on ‘Happy Healthy You’ with Connie Bowman. (listen now)
  • Conversations with Suzanna radio show. I was interviewed about Dating from the Inside Out, it was done in two parts. (18 minute link) Part two of the show. ( 10 minute link)
  • 77WABC radio -The Curtis Sliwa Show: I was on for 17 minutes as a dating expert answering caller questions. – Clip available. I was a guest twice for 30 minutes.

  • World Herald Live: I was interviewed for 40 minutes on ‘Conversations with Suzanna‘ about my experience with having breast cancer and viewing it as ‘a dark night of the soul’ that led to a spiritual path; watch and listen now.
  • KBOO-FM Pathways with Paul O’Brien about “Dating from the Inside Out” (link)

  • KBOO-FM Pathways with Paul O’Brien about “When Mars Women Date” (link)
  • Decoding Him radio show. I was interviewed for an hour. (link)
  • The Talkin Health Show with Dr. Joe Kasper. I was interviewed about relationships for an hour. Fire Up Your Diet radio listen to clip now.
  • Hip Slope Radio Podcast where I was interviewed on dating for 30 minutes. (link)
  • NPR’s Cityscape with George Bodarsky. I was interviewed about dating while over 40 in the city. (link ) My clip is from 10:22-17:36.

  • Solo in the City Radio, CJAD 800AM- “Solo for the Holidays” Dec. 19, 2015. (link)
  • KYGO radio in Denver.

  • The Omni Art Salon with Jeffrey Milburne (link)

  • Love Coach Show hosted by Debbi Berndt – Interviewed as a dating expert (link)

  • The Stop Sugar Shock Radio Show for Valentine’s Day with host Connie Bennet. I was a guest on a panel of love experts. (link)