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Lift Shekhina Up

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Lift Shekhina Up! is a Divine love story. It explores how Shekhina,  God’s Sabbath bride, left the Heavens (and God, her husband) after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. She came to the Earth level to watch over her children, who were lost and in despair.  Every Shabbat Shekhina reunites with her husband in Heaven.

This story explains how by doing good deeds and having loving thoughts, we can lift Shekhina up so that she’s always with her husband in Heaven. By being there for ourselves and others in Love, we can embody Shekhina energy on Earth so that she can go Home. And, we’ll also experience heaven on Earth! As above, so below.

This is a fun book that empowers children and adults to create a happy ending to a Divine Love story; to lift Shekhina up, while filling our world with love too.