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The Cancer Path 4 Book Series!

Going through breast cancer was one of the hardest years of my life. 

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, yet I have found that a lot of growth came from it.

I love to write, so I wrote about my experience and came through it with a book that was more than 300 pages.  It was part memoir, part self-help, and a photographic account of how I got through everything.  It was my lifeline and I hoped that in sharing it, it would help other women walk this path too.

I thought it unlikely that women struggling with cancer would want to read such a lengthy book, so one day while I was walking the beach I had a revelation that it was meant to be a 4-volume series called The Cancer Path, which could embrace women at different points along their journey.

Volume 1– is The Quick Essential Guide to Breast Cancer: Diagnosis, Surgery, Chemo & Radiation.  I wanted it to be a slim guide that you could slip into your purse and flip through for easy tips and reference.  Even if you don’t have cancer, this could be that first cancer gift book that could connect you to someone else who had this experience.  And if you are facing your own cancer diagnosis, this book provides an overview and some practical tips about how to get through surgery, chemo, or radiation.  Some women might prefer just to read these tips, get through conventional treatment, put cancer behind them, and stop there.   Buy it now!

Volume 2The Cancer Path: A Spiritual Journey Through Healing, Wholeness & Love approaches cancer on a level deeper, as a spiritual initiation.  It allows you to heal cancer from the inside-out by giving you tools to address healing your mind, body, emotions, and Spirit as you go through your traditional treatment.  If you are like me, you may not want to be a passive recipient of healing.  You may want to take action and create a year of treatment that leads to greater wholeness and health on all levels.  I read over 60 books so that I could address these four levels of healing for you, as well as explore many discrepant issues such as diet, how your immune system affects cancer, whether emotions, thoughts and stress affect cancer, and so forth.  This book is for the cancer patient who wants to do serious inner work and learn spiritual lessons along this path so she will be changed as a spiritual initiate.  Available Now!

Volume 3My Date With Cancer: 21 Spiritual Lessons is a gift book that explores 21 spiritual lessons from Volume 2, without the more intensive research, explanation, and exercises.  It has pictures and brief spiritual lessons that a cancer patient can flip through while in the hospital.  It’s intended to provide love and hope, and point out some spiritual lessons that will help patients grow and be positive while on their cancer path.   Buy it now!

Volume 4Create Your Own Cancer Path Workbook is a workbook to help cancer patients keep track of their personal experience and story.  It is a journal/workbook with ideas, springboards and exercises so that they can remember how they got through chemotherapy, what and who inspired them, the lessons they learned, and other personal notes.  In the end, they can use this workbook as a template for writing and publishing their own story, if they wish.  This can be a legacy for their children, grandchildren, and great-grand children to learn from their story.  I found writing to be very therapeutic.  Research shows that there are many benefits to cancer patients from journaling and leaving a legacy behind. Available now!

Although I am a psychologist, life coach, and healer by profession, I wrote these four books as a patient and cancer sister.  I hope that the wisdom, tips, and love I received can be passed on to you, to bring you healing and light on your journey.