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The Cancer Path blog excerpts…
  •  Pre-cancer:

    Have you ever stopped to remember your life, pre-cancer?  In one of the books I read how a cancer survivor described her life BC and AC (denoting it as ‘before and after cancer’ instead of ‘before and after Christ’). Still, it’s important to recall better times and to remember that you are more than this […]
  • Diagnosis:

      Finding out your diagnosis is a very difficult because it’s the first time that you are hearing this news and you know that your life is going to radically change as a result. It’s great to have a loved one there with you in your doctor’s office to take notes.  Your doctor may rattle […]

    There is a test that you can take to find out if you have the BRCHA gene.  Jewish Ashkenazi women have a statistically higher chance of having this breast cancer gene. Five to ten percent of all women with breast cancer have BRCA 1 or 2 from their parents. In addition, 80% of women with […]
  • Path Changes

    When your path suddenly changes, sometimes your actions need to change too.  Finding out that you have cancer is enough to drive you towards the Ben & Jerry’s and make you want to hide under the covers but when you find out you have a life threatening illness, you often want to do everything you […]
  • Telling Your Kids

    There is no easy answer about how to tell young kids that you have cancer, or at least how to explain your hospital visits and bald head.  This video answers the question about how we did this but you can consult a therapist or check out these websites below for more information. I think it’s […]
  • 7 Tips to Get You Through Losing Your Hair:

    A woman’s hair is one of her biggest assets of femininity but you can still feel beautiful and feminine, even bald.  Here are some tips to get you through losing your hair. 1- Feel your feelings.  Let yourself feel sad or angry about losing your hair. 2-Consider cutting your hair short first so it won’t […]
  • Cancer Path Lessons

    Sometimes cancer can lead you down a spiritual path to help you discover your soul’s purpose and what is most important to you. For me this meant connecting to my Higher self and wanting to give back by leaving my messages behind in the form of books. I also learned many spiritual lessons on my […]
  • Your Legacy

    When you are faced with a life threatening illness, sometimes it makes you think about the legacy you’d like to leave behind. Most of us have a legacy anyway.  It’s our family, friends, kids, our clients and colleagues, creative products and the life we have lead. However, often cancer survivors want to creative something more […]
  • Your Spiritual Practices

    Having a life threatening illness often makes people think about what happens after this life.  It may make you question your relationship with God, explore your ideas about heaven and find new ways to connect to your Higher Self and soul’s wisdom.  We can all do this with practice. People use many spiritual practices to […]
  • Cancer Video About Health

    We may not be able to control whether cancer returns or when illness can strike but in the new year we can all work on doing our best to improve our health habits.  This is an ongoing project for me.  Since being diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year ago, I have worked to improve […]

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